Pro-Form Football Playbook

66 PLAYS downloadable football playbook

This football playbook is based off a pro form, two back, split backfield. This is a great offense if you have speed backs and/or hard-hitting backs. You can run up the middle with or without a lead blocker or you can easily pitch it outside on a sweep. You can trick defenses with misdirection. For example, you can fake inside to one back and counter outside to the other. You can do swing/screen plays with ease out of this form. Run a cross and watch the confusion on defense. That’s just scratching the surface there is so much that can be done with this offense.

Implementing this playbook is easy. Start your team off with the basic plays and basic holes. 21 dive, 32 dive, quick pitch. Once they get the basic concept then you can start adding some of the more difficult plays such as a cross, option, screen.

You can download this playbook and run off as many copies as you wish.
You can supply all your coaches or the whole team. It’s all ready to go. If you’ve been thinking about going with a split backfield then why waste several hours, days, or weeks drawing up plays. Just $19.95 and you’re done. You’ll have a well graphed 66 play playbook you can download, print, and head to practice all within minutes instead of days.

Here’s a sample of one of the pages in the playbook.

 ONLY $19.95  


What you get:

- 1st page is a cheat sheet for younger players or 1st timers. It shows all the positions on offense and defense and what their abbreviations stand for. It shows the offensive holes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and the defensive gaps a, b, and c.

- 66 total plays. 6 plays per page. 28 power pro run, 8 power pro pass, 18 pro spread run, and 12 pro spread pass plays.
- Plays include dives, pitches, crosses, misdirection, and passes both right and left odd and even holes.
- The last two pages are blank Pro-form left and right, power, and spread so you can print off and make your own plays to add to your collection.

Every play is titled and all positions are well identified. There are arrows indicating blocking assignments, run, and pass routes. It’s all here. Download, Print, and Go get started!!!

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